DV – Domein validatie

OV – Organisatie validatie

EV – Uitgebreidde validatie (Extended validation)


Het verschil


Waarom bij Webstijlen


Let op: in het certificaat wordt standaard de statutaire naam getoond, óf de handelsnaam met tussen haakjes de statutaire naam. Gebruik hiervoor de notatie: Handelsnaam (Statutaire naam).


SSL certificates differ from each other in both technical and non-technical aspects.

Some certificates secure for example one domain, and others secure all subdomains of one main domain. There are certificates that support older browsers with strong encryption; some certificates are fully supported by mobile devices; etcetera.

Regarding non-technical aspects, certificates differ in warranty, delivery time or re-issue conditions. Also the way of validation of a request can differ: an Extended Validation (EV) certificate is superior in this, which shows up in the high number of visitors that trust the certificate.

All SSL providers allow you to request a domain with www and also generate a SAN for the domain name without www. If you want to use a certificate with www and without www then you need to request the certificate with www.

From the product overview, you can view and compare the specifications of all certificates.