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Promox resize hdd Windows 10 VM

By 10 december 2022No Comments

1. Resizing guest disk

General considerations

  1. If you enlarge the hard disk, once you have added the disk plate, your partition table and file system knows nothing about the new size, so you have to act inside the VM to fix it.


  1. Guest is Windows 10: logon as administrator and extend the disk and filesystem (Using Disk manager). If you do not see the ability to extend the disk (i.e. nothing seems to have happened as a result of using the resize command), go to the Windows command prompt and do a: shutdown -s -t 0 (This is a “normal” shutdown, as opposed to the “fast” shutdown that’s the default for Win 8 and onwards.) After a reboot, you’ll now see the ability to expand the disk.


1. Disk Manager
2. shutdown -s -t 0

Computer Management

NL: Computerbeheer -> run as aministrator
Schijf -> rechtermuisknop -> uitbreiden yes yes yes